Applications for Fleet Hero Awards 2017 are now closed

There are nine Fleet Hero award categories this year:

  • Best Business Fleet
  • Best Public Sector Fleet
  • Smarter Travel
  • Efficient Driving
  • Clean Air
  • Innovation
  • Ultra-low Emission Fleet
  • Ultra-low Emission Infrastructure
  • Unsung Fleet Hero

Guidance notes

Take a look at the specific judging criteria for the Fleet Hero Awards 2017, and please read the terms and conditions.

Please ensure applications cover the following where applicable:

  • Overview of the measures implemented and the impact of those measures. Judges are particularly looking for applicants who demonstrate innovative approaches and can supply evidence of results achieved.
  • Details of emissions savings achieved and evidence of how figures have been derived, including any assumptions made. If available, third party verification of figures should be provided.
  • Details of any additional environmental, cost, safety or other resource benefits achieved.
  • Information about how the project fits in with your overall fleet policy and wider business strategy and the extent to which environmental considerations form part of that strategy.
  • Overview of any monitoring and reporting in place e.g. fuel use, mileage, published and overall carbon emissions.
  • Where relevant, how you gain or maintain staff buy-in.
  • Any positive impacts outside of your organisation as a result of your actions e.g. impact on employees outside of work hours, customers and contractors.
  • Details of any press or publicity coverage for the project.
  • Details of any other corporate energy-saving or environmental policies, practices or certification (i.e. ISO 14001).

Supporting documents (maximum three) should quantify any fuel, mileage and emissions reductions achieved. Further information provided which does not pertain to your application will not be considered. The consideration of any and all supporting information in the judging process will be at the judges’ discretion.

Images included in application should be high quality, whilst company logos should be high quality jpeg or eps format. Images and logos will be for the sole purpose of creating collateral for the event such as brochures, web content and presentations on the night and permission will be sought for any other use. If you have any questions, please email

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