2017 winners

Take a look at the winners from the 12th Fleet Hero Awards at the Museum of London Docklands, which was hosted by Robert Llewelyn with keynote speaker Edmund King.

Download the brochure from the event, which took place on 9 November 2017. Congratulations, everyone!


Best Public Sector Fleet, sponsored by Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Winner: University of Birmingham

Fleet Hero Awards University of Birmingham

The University adopted a coordinated approach to tackling travel impacts and managed to meet their carbon footprint reduction target 4 years ahead of time. 28% of their fleet now consists of alternative fuel vehicles.

Runner up: West Yorkshire Police

Best Business Sector Fleet

Winner: Z-Tech Control Systems

Fleet Hero Awards Z-Tech Control Systems

Z-Tech Control Systems demonstrated a continued and holistic approach to sustainable fleet management, eliminating grey fleet, increasing the number of ULEVs in their fleet and supporting their clients to help them reduce their carbon footprint.

Runner up: Bibby Distribution

Ultra-Low Emission Fleet, sponsored by BMW

Winner: Leeds City Council

Fleet Hero Awards Leeds City Council

The Council has invested significantly in order to understand the practicalities of operating EVs in their fleet following vehicle trials and home charging pilot studies, leading to the adoption of 44 EVs and the installation of 74 charging points to date.

Runner up: Farmdrop

Ultra-Low Emission Infrastructure

Fleet Hero Awards Heathrow Airport

Winner: Heathrow Airport

Heathrow has installed 75 EV chargepoints following research to identify ideal locations based on demand and considering factors such as mileage, where vehicles stop for the longest periods during shifts, as well as the impact on the airport electricity supply.

Runner up: London Borough of Hackney

Smarter Travel

Winner: Norfolk Community Health & Care NHS Trust

Fleet Hero Awards Norfolk Community Health & Care NHS Travel

The Trust is leading the way in eliminating grey fleet and ensuring duty of care compliance through the use of travel hierarchy, a car club, advanced mileage management processes and organising staff roadshows to promote sustainable travel including electric vehicles.

Runner up: Cumbria City Council 

Clean Air, sponsored by Highways England

Winner: Cross River Partnership

Fleet Hero Awards Cross River Partnership

The Partnership has approached the air quality issue through a wide-reaching engagement campaign at an individual, local and business level. Their holistic approach includes initiatives such as encouraging parcel consolidation and tips for choosing walking routes with less exposure to air pollution.

Runner up: University of Birmingham

Efficient Driving

Winner: British Gas

Fleet Hero Awards Efficient Driving

British Gas has integrated driver training as part of staff development, especially for young apprentice drivers. This programme has seen impressive improvements in insurance claims, cost savings and a  5% reduction in fuel consumption.

Runner up: CEF


Winner:  ALD Automotive

Fleet Hero Awards ALD Automotive

ALD is pioneering the Mobility Experience Centre to help clients understand their mobility needs and the approach which best fits their business. This user-focused product will bring about a step-change in their engagement with clients and serves as an example to others.

Runner up: Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Unsung Fleet Hero, sponsored by Fleet World

Winner: Matt Dale, Consultancy Services Manager, ALD Automotive

Fleet Hero Awards Matt Dale

Matt champions alternatively fuelled vehicles and their infrastructure within ALD Automotive. He implemented ULEV trials with ALD company car drivers to enable lessons learned to be shared with  customers. In parallel, Matt led a project to install charging infrastructure at ALD’s head office that would cater for future growth in the number of electric vehicles. Matt has also promoted ULEVs through events and press coverage and ALD’s green travel plan.

Winner: David Hosking, CEO, Tusker

Fleet Hero Awards David Hosking

David has taken a lead role in pioneering salary sacrifice car schemes in the UK. More recently, he has lobbied Government on proposed changes to these schemes to ensure the take-up of electric vehicles would not be hampered through high benefit-in-kind tax. In addition, David has promoted sustainable initiatives within his own fleet and as part of the Tusker business offering.

Runner up: Darren Smith, Fleet Standards and Delivery Manager, Heathrow Airport

Darren has led a transformation of the Heathrow fleet in a complex operating environment, growing the number of pure electric and plug in hybrids to 34%. He has overseen the installation of supporting charging infrastructure to support the vehicles at the airport and is working towards Heathrow being an Ultra-Low Emission Zone by 2025.


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