2016 winners

Take a look at the winners from the 11th Fleet Hero Awards at London Transport Museum, which was hosted by Robert Llewelyn, with keynote speaker Transport Minister Andrew Jones MP. 

Download the brochure from the event, which took place on 24 November 2016. Congratulations, everyone!


Best Public Sector Fleet

West Yorkshire Police Fleet Hero Awards 2016

Winner: West Yorkshire Police

West Yorkshire Police is a well-deserved Fleet Hero Award regular due to their maintained commitment to sustainable fleet management. Telematics are used to continually examine their fleet to monitor CO2 emissions, identify where efficiencies can be made and to ensure maximum vehicle utilisation. There is a commitment to reduce grey fleet mileage through low emission pool vehicles and a Green Travel Plan to encourage alternative travel modes where possible.

Runner up: Essex Police and Kent Police

Best Business Sector Fleet, sponsored by Alphabet

ZTech Fleet Hero Awards 2016

Winner: Z-Tech Control Systems

Z-Tech has integrated the low emission ethos into its operations and business culture. A number of business contracts are serviced by electric vans and motorbikes and there is a commitment to reduce CO2 by upgrading to newer lower emitting vehicles where possible. Driver training takes place on a continuous basis through a bespoke software linked to timesheet entries. Z-Tech has built on previous reductions in CO2 and in the last financial year has increased MPG by 4%. There is buy in at all levels and active employee engagement. The company has zero grey fleet and in-house incentives are provided for employees to choose ultra low emission vehicles meaning they represent 38% of the company car fleet.


Runner up: O'Donovan Waste Disposal

Ultra Low Emission Fleet, sponsored by BMW

Farmdrop Fleet Hero Awards 2016

Winner: Farmdrop

Farmdrop is a London-based online farmers market, allowing customers to order directly from a variety of farms. Mindful of local air pollution issues, the business only runs electric vans and so also benefits from savings such as exemption from the congestion charge and using electricity instead of diesel. Farmdrop had to address a variety of challenges including range, route planning and the lack of a market-ready refrigerated electric van. By using publicly available rapid chargers, route planning software to maximise efficiency, flexible delivery to reduce congestion, and introducing sustainable thermal packaging, Farmdrop has developed a successful and innovative business model.

Runner up: eConnect Cars

Grey Fleet Management, sponsored by Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Gateshead Council Fleet Hero Awards 2016

Winner: Gateshead Council

Reducing grey fleet car mileage has been a priority for Gateshead Council for over 10 years. Gateshead’s approach has focused on its Travel Plan and a linked website that promotes alternative modes of travel by providing up to date information and testimonials from users, as well as discounted public transport and easy to access cycle facilities. A pool car fleet of 18 vehicles including hybrids and EVs is available out of hours to employees and the public. To support increased take up of EVs, solar panels and charging points have also been installed. These initiatives have brought about a reduction in grey fleet mileage of over 33%.

Runner up: The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

Vehicle Manufacturer

BMW Fleet Hero Awards 2016

Winner: BMW

BMW continues to be a market leader in the electric vehicle category. Vehicles are high quality and deliver a unique driver experience with recent battery innovation, and range extended vehicle models helping to remove driver range anxiety. BMW also prioritises the sustainability of energy use during manufacturing with many plants being powered exclusively by renewable energy and incorporating technology to make them more energy and water efficient. In-car technology is also helping to improve sustainability with satellite navigation as standard and the ECO PRO mode which can calculate the most economical route to save on fuel.


Runner up: Toyota 

Fleet Supplier

Magenta Technology Fleet Hero Awards 2016

Winner: Magenta Technology

Magenta Technology’s Maxoptra product is aimed squarely at SME fleet managers, representing 90% of UK fleets and up until now a largely neglected segment of the market. Maxoptra provides route planning and fleet optimisation solutions that are low risk, easy to implement and flexible, all high priorities for small operators generally without dedicated fleet management staff. Mileage reduction is typically between 10-15%. Solutions revolve around efficient vehicle scheduling and routing which optimises driver efficiency and reduces costs. Such advances can also promote fuel efficient driving by realistically planning and updating journeys and deliveries in real time due to changing conditions.

Runner up: Alphabet

Fuel Efficient Driving,  sponsored by Fleet World

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Fleet Hero Awards 2016

Winner: Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare, formerly Park House Healthcare, has focused on fuel efficient driving over many years. Despite their fleet doubling over recent years they have implemented a number of initiatives, such as widespread driver training delivered both in house and externally. Service centres are located to maximise efficiency, vehicles are economically loaded and delivery routes are similarly planned. Tracking software collects data to allow driver performance to be measured and managed. Vehicles are also being replaced by more efficient vehicles where possible. Fuel usage has reduced from 3960 litres/vehicle in 2012 to 3145 litres/vehicle in 2015 and is likely to be less than 3000 litres/vehicle in 2016.

Runner up: O'Donovan Waste Disposal

Air Quality Initiative

City of Bradford Council Fleet Hero Awards 2016

Winner:  City of Bradford Council

The City of Bradford has developed a Low Emission Strategy and formed partnerships with health, academia and regional partners to tackle poor air quality. They have introduced wide ranging initiatives including widespread electric vehicle charging and in planning conditions for new developments. Bradford’s fleet procurement now includes whole life costing and electric vans and pool cars have been adopted. Alternative travel options are highlighted through a travel hierarchy and there has been investment in cycling and walking infrastructure and training. Significant investment in expanded and improved monitoring is measuring air quality improvements and CO2 emissions are estimated to have reduced by 332 t/CO2e from 2014/15 to 2015/16.


Runner up: Global Action Plan and Cross River Partnership


WEGO Couriers and InterCity RailFreight

Winner: WEGO Couriers and InterCity RailFreight

WEGO Couriers started as a ‘first and last mile’ delivery company using load carrying bicycles, and piloted electric vehicles as early as 2003. WEGO has recently built upon these sustainable foundations with a partnership with InterCity RailFreight, a green supply chain solutions provider based around the use of rail transport for express deliveries. This provides creative, costeffective, eco-friendly zero tailpipe emissions deliveries using frequent high speed rail services from around the country to the heart of London. WEGO and ICRF have plans to expand to use dedicated high speed, shared user freight services with increased flexibility. WEGO has also embedded sustainability into its workplace through numerous initiatives and encourages employees to use low carbon transport.


Runner up: The Miles Consultancy

Unsung Fleet Hero

John Gorton Essex Police Kent Police Fleet Hero Awards 2016

Winner:  John Gorton, Essex Police and Kent Police

John is the Head of Transport for Essex Police and Kent Police and manages a fleet of over 1778 vehicles covering a large area, with the many challenges that this brings. Carbon footprint, costs and corporate mileage have all reduced by a large margin over previous years and this is forecast to continue. Large financial savings of nearly £5 million over the last two years have come about through the use of telematics, reconfigured fleets with lower emissions and increased utilisation, car pooling and reworking of current company car policies. John also leads by example with regard to vehicles available to senior car leasers as his own vehicle is sub 99 g/km CO2.


Runner up: Mark Green, The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

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