2015 winners

Download the brochure from the awards detailing the initiatives put in place by the winners and runners up. Watch videos from the 2015 Fleet Hero Awards, including short interviews with our winners.


Best public sector fleet, sponsored by Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Winner: West Yorkshire Police

WYP has risen to the challenge of a difficult operating environment and implemented a consistent approach which enabled them to reduce fuel costs and emissions and win this award for a second consecutive year. Demonstrating their commitment to improve the environment and protect the public in West Yorkshire, WYP has made excellent progress over the last five years and their initiatives continue to achieve environmental and cost benefits.


Runner up: Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust (DCHS)


Best business sector fleet, sponsored by ALD Automotive


Winner: Z-Tech Control Systems

Z-Tech has managed to take full control of its fleet and increase the efficiency of its vehicles even as the number of company vehicles has increased by 30%. This wouldn’t have been possible without support from senior management and the engagement of employees across the organisation.


Runner up: Abbott


Low emissions vehicle manufacturer, sponsored by EDF Energy


Winner: BMW Group UK

BMW Group is successfully reducing vehicle emissions while maintaining the driving pleasure the brand is associated with. In the case of the i series of vehicles this includes a range of mobility services to enhance the electric driving proposition. In 2013 BMW launched its first pure electric vehicle, the i3, offering strong performance and innovative technology. With the i3 Range Extender version increasing its range from 118 to 186 miles (official manufacturers’ figures) and offering lower whole-life costs (WLC) compared to alternative diesel or petrol cars, the i3 becomes attractive to even more company car drivers.


Runner up: Toyota GB


Grey fleet management, sponsored by Automotive Leasing


Winner: Bath and North East Somerset Council

Bath and North East Somerset Council is a public sector organisation that recognises the significance of grey fleet mileage. Their mature and thorough approach has allowed them to achieve an impressive reduction of 42% compared to 2009/10 levels. Making substantial changes to the grey fleet is typically more challenging than for other parts of a fleet but Bath and North East Somerset Council’s aspirations were clear and their solutions integrated into their corporate policies.


Runner up: Aylesbury Vale District Council


Low carbon fleet supplier,  sponsored by Fleet World


Winner: Chevin Fleet Solutions

Chevin’s FleetWave software helps organisations intelligently manage their fleet through advanced control of processes and automation. The software offers whole-life cost comparisons,

supporting fleets to switch to electric vehicles as well as environmental impact reporting, allowing comparison to be made between official and actual vehicle efficiencies. The software can be integrated with external systems such as telematics to feed in driver behaviour data and build vehicle and driver efficiency reports.


Runner up: Co-wheels Car Club


Plugged-in fleets,  sponsored by Volkswagen


Winner: Gnewt Cargo

Gnewt Cargo has managed to identify and successfully implement an extremely efficient and environmentally friendly business plan. Operating only pure electric vans to deliver parcels in central London minimising impacts on CO2 emissions, air quality and noise, Gnewt Cargo are an exciting and innovative company. With the Ultra Low Emission Zone planned for London, on top of existing savings on the London Congestion Charge, Gnewt Cargo are ahead of the pack.


Runner up: Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust (DCHS)


Eco-driving,  sponsored by Bill Plant


Winner: Carlsberg

Carlsberg’s commitment to reduce the environmental impact of their logistics services through improved fuel efficiency is impressive. This company runs a fleet of 290 heavy goods vehicles and covers 14 million kilometres every year yet has managed to save fuel year on year, some 482,000 litres of fuel and £551,000 since 2010. Their key to success is the adoption of a telematics solution followed by a consistent and rigorous approach to the analysis of driving performance data. This proactive strategy allowed them to identify which aspects of fuel-efficient driving have the greatest impact meaning that Carlsberg could concentrate on the most effective factors.


Runner up: O'Donovan Waste Disposal


Air quality initiative


Winner:  London Boroughs of Hackney, Islington and Tower Hamlets

The London Boroughs of Hackney, Islington and Tower Hamlets teamed up and worked with local businesses to implement an array of innovative measures to improve the quality of the air for

their residents. Measures include installation of rapid charging infrastructure and helping organisations to join freight consolidation centres.


Runner up: Oxfordshire County Council and Oxford City Council


Plug-in taxi or private hire initiative

Winner:  eConnect cars

The capital’s first all-electric executive chauffeur company and previous Fleet Hero Award winner eConnect cars have proved that mainstream electric vehicles have the power to fundamentally change how traditional transport services are delivered. A growing business, eConnect cars started trading with five Nissan Leaf Teknas in January 2014 and their fleet now comprises 25 cars. For clients requiring an executive car they can now offer a Tesla Model S. eConnect has collaborated with the Zero Emissions Network and Islington Sustainable Energy Partnership to stimulate the use of zero emission transport solutions in London and worked with business and academia to support electric vehicle uptake.


Runner up: Thriev


Commercial vehicle management

Winner:  O'Donovan Waste Disposal

O’Donovan Waste Disposal has been recognised with the commercial vehicle management award for a third consecutive year, demonstrating a long-term and consistent commitment to reducing their fleet emissions. Their commitment to environmental objectives is complemented by initiatives that focus on improving safety and cost-efficiency. O’Donovan also works to improve the image of the waste industry, championing programmes and standards for other companies to follow. This family-run company demonstrates leadership in its sector.


Runner up: TNT UK


Unsung (fleet) hero

Winner:  Chris Chandler, Lex Autolease

Chris Chandler is a Principal Consultant at Lex Autolease and has shown a long-term passion and commitment to help organisations reduce their environmental impact. His work helped establish the foundations of the current CO2-based company car tax system for HMRC in 1999 and he was also involved in the development of the CO2-based graduated VED system for the DVLA. His work has played a significant role in the progress of the UK fleet market in reducing emissions from transport.


Runner up: Mike Potter, Fleetdrive


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